Let's get real...

I was talking to a client the other day and he asked me a question. "Why are the prices on the Hubspot marketplace so expensive?". And you know what, I could not come up with a reasobable answer! Its true. Hubspot templates have been too expensive for too long.

Inbound Pixels is going to make a change. From now on we are going to put our focus on providing our customers with the more value and charging them less money. What does this look like? Well to start we are going to be doubling down on our free theme library. We are making it our mission to offer more free themes than any other provider on the marketplace because going Inbound should not cost you a fortune. So check out our themes! they are all free!

But we are not going to stop there...I dont know how many customers I have talked to who have trouble understanding how to work with the expensive templates they have purchased and are forced to pay expensive hourly development costs to just get a template to function the way they need to to. Not any more! We are going to be giving away our hugly popular Introuduction To Hubspot Templates online training course for free so that you can take the power of your portal back into your own hands and spend your money on growing your business.

And finally...I so much believe in this new way of empowering our customers that I am including my personal email address here so you can send me a direct message if you have any questions or needs at all and we can resolve them without breaking the bank.

I sincerely hope that you will begin to look at Inbound Pixels as an extension of your team and I am so excited about what we are going to be able to do together!

P.S. Hubspot themes are so confusing! Do you find yourself wishing that you could quickly add and reorder sections right inside the page editor and create your perfect page in seconds? Well now you can. Fill out the email below to request access to the beta program for our brand new theme, Hubstrap, that does just that.